Welcome to GRDC Pathways to Registration Data Base.

Pest management needs continue to change through resistance, regulatory activity and manufacturer indifference to some crops and use patterns. Industry is under increasing pressure for effective pest control options in grains, pulse and oilseeds. Lack of effective options can result in the use of unapproved pesticides or inappropriate choices for pest control. The impact of such actions can be to compromise industry efforts to developbest management practices, e.g., in resistance management, and / or the detection of unwanted pesticide residues in crop or animal commodities which can jeopardise QA accreditation as well as have negative trade implicationsthreatening market access.

Minor use permits via the APVMA are an important source of pest management options for small industries, but larger broadacre crops do not have access to this option. More recently, the option of gaining label extensions via Category 25 applications has been explored and appears to provide an alternate avenue for gaining regulatory approvals for major industries. Category 25 applications require data support however.

Data development via GRDC funding has been a key research investment, however, it has been difficult to access and collate. The Pathways to Registration data base allows data entry and collation via a directional, security enabled and searchable online relational database. It contains key information on projects and can be interrogated on the basis of researchers, pest/disease/weed, crops, pesticides ´ rates and rate combinations.

The objectives of the database are essentially threefold

  • provide a mechanism to ‘ground truth’ projects, i.e., ensure that research is not being done on pesticides or pesticide ´ crop combinations unlikely to gain regulatory approval or manufacturer support;
  • provide an opportunity to identify projects with the potential for co-development, i.e., in partnership with manufacturers;
  • provide a central repository for pesticide related projects.

Grain Industry Stakeholders (growers, advisors, grain handlers, pesticide manufacturers etc) will gain access to an increased range of much needed pesticide uses to improve the sustainability of Australian grain production. There will be two key benefits of such outputs

  • Improved availability of information on GRDC funded pesticide related research.
  • Improved availability of pest management options for pest, disease and/or weed control
  • Improved compliance with quality assurance schemes once regulatory approvals are in place for the management options